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Add Page Numbers to PDF Easily and Quickly

A Straightforward Process For Numbering PDFs

The simple process makes it the first choice of many companies and new users who lack technical expertise. Its unique interface makes it easy to use and considerably decreases the time required to number the pages.

Easy to Add Page Numbers

Using CocoDoc, you can easily number your PDF documents and can even download them safely and store them in your device.

Create Professional Custom Forms

CocoDoc can help you create a custom form that looks appealing and is professional too. The form edited using CocoDoc can also be customized to add text, images and even freehand drawings.

Compatible With Variety Of Systems

CocoDoc is supported by most of the operating systems and you can freely use and edit your PDF among different systems. Cross-platform compatibility makes it the first choice for many consumers.

100% Secure

The PDF you edit or create is stored in a secure manner and you can manipulate your confidential data without any security problems.

No Installation Required

CocoDoc does not require any software to be installed and can be used directly from the browser.

How to Add Page Number to a PDF?

Follow these easy steps to add page number to a PDF:

  • Step1: Drag and drop your PDF file in the box above.
  • Step2: Select where on the page you would like numbers to appear.
  • Step3: Click 'Number pages' and download the modified file.

Number Pages FAQ

How To Make Page Numbers Start on Page 2?
You can do so by using the format page numbers option from the insert tab under page numbering. CocoDoc is an efficient way of adding page numbers.
How Do I Add Page Numbers To a PDF for Free?
CocoDoc is a one stop solution for all your pdf needs. You can number your pdf, edit them in many different ways and then store them for later use.
How Do I Insert a Page Number in Word?
Simply go to the insert menu and look for page number. Choose the desired location for page numbers and you're ready to go.
How Can I Start Page Numbering on Page 3?
Simply select the format page number option from the insert tab and choose the page from which you want to start the numbering.
Why Are Page Numbers Not Showing in Word?
This could be because of problems with header or footer tag and the page numbering option. It is recommended that you use only the page numbering option whenever you want to insert page numbers.
How Do I Insert a Page Number in Word?
Simply go to the insert menu and look for page number. Choose the desired location for page numbers and you're ready to go.
How Do I Number Pages in Word 2010?
Under the insert menu, click on page number and select the position of the numbers. However, CocoDoc can quickly accomplish the task with its unique and easy to use interface.
How Do You Number Pages Differently?
This can be achieved by using the format page numbers option under the insert menu.
What Is Page Number in MS Word?
The page number feature in MS word allows you to number all of the pages in your document quickly and easily. Just click on insert and clink page number.
Why Do We Use Page Number in a Document?
Page numbers can be used to quickly jump to the certain sections of the document and thus saves a lot of time. You can number your documents using CocoDoc.

Learn with CocoDoc

How to Add Page Numbers to a PDF?

Read the 3 simple ways to add page numbers to PDF. Use CocoDoc online to insert page numbers into PDF or opt for the Wondershare and Acrobat apps. Add the page numbers and save in minutes.

How to Rotate a PDF?

We have four easy ways to rotate a PDF. You can learn how to rotate a PDF using online tools like CocoDoc. See other options for Windows and Mac users. More alternatives include Google Drive.

How to Flip a PDF Online?

Learn how to flip a PDF guideline and tools online. CocoDoc is one of the sites that will help you mirror PDF online and apply the changes. Also, see the Smallpdf alternative.

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